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31 (Blitz / Schwimmen)

Welcome to Game Circle, where you can play the popular card game 31 (Blitz/ Schwimmen) online for free! Whether you want to play on your PC, tablet or mobile phone, the game is available in any browser and gives you the opportunity to compete against bots or friends.

1 - 8 Players


Two swords as a symbol for player against player
Play against friends
A robot as a symbol for bots
Play against bots
A cogwheel as a symbol for settings
Custom settings

Elegant and Intuitive User Interface

The user interface is designed to let you enjoy the game of 31 at its best. All essential game information is clearly and neatly displayed, allowing you to focus entirely on your strategy.

Screenshot of the 31 (Blitz/ Schwimmen) game interface: a green playing field with two bots as opponents positioned above the center, three cards and one deck in the middle, and at the bottom, Player 1 with three lives and three face-up cards in hand.