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olos example of 4 cards

Game overview

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Classic game rules as in Mau-Mau

Olos is similar to Mau Mau a discarding game for 2-8 players. You have to defend your own points in several rounds. The player who discards all their cards first wins a round. The losers then get the sum of the points of all their not yet discarded cards as a penalty. In some variants, a predetermined number of rounds are played.

All-rounder are black Cards with which in most cases you want a suit you can and you can play on all maps.

Interposition is possible if you have a card that is exactly the same color and number as the card in the middle.

Online multiplayer

In Olos Online you can show off your skills with up to 31 other players. Challenge your friends now and see who is the best in Olos Online!

play example
play example

Single player

Test your skills in Olos Online alone against 1-7 Bots.

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