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The Royal Game of Ur

Here you can play the Royal Game of Ur in multiplayer and compete against bots. Have fun playing!


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How to start an online game

1. First, create a new lobby.

First create a new The Royal Game of Ur lobby by pressing the "Start a 2-player game" button.

2. Send the received link to your teammate

If you have created a lobby for the game The Royal Game of Ur, all you have to do is copy the link that is located in the lobby above the "Play" button and send it to your fellow player.

3. Start the game

Press start as soon as all players are in the lobby.

How to join a game

If your teammate has created a new The Royal Game of Ur Lobby, all you have to do is click on the link that your teammate has sent.

The Royal Game of Ur - Description

🎯 - Goal

Play Royal Game of Ur and become the first player to manage to move all his stones from the starting point to the final destination. Use the dice and follow the rules to determine the correct number of steps. Win the game by being the first to finish all the stones.

🗒️ - Game description

Royal Game of Ur is played on a board which has 20 squares in 3 rows. Top and bottom rows are identical and have 6 squares each which are grouped into 4 and 2 squares. Top and bottom rows belong to one player each.Top and bottom rows are connected by the middle row which has 8 squares.Each player starts with 7 pieces which are placed outside the board at the beginning.The game is played with 4 special pyramid-shaped dice. Each die has 2 of its 4 corners marked leaving other 2 corners unmarked. Player can move his/her pieces according to the number of marked corners facing up.